Anonymous asked:

you're full of shit

1.) Your hatred of me is probably unfound - considering I mainly just reblog photos of cats and One Direction. What’s not to like about those things? In fact, I hardly ever publish anything personal. So, I’m interested in how such a resentful person has come to find my tumblr and stalk me. That probably speaks waves for you. 

2.) Also, if you have a personal problem, coming to me with false accusations is a bit cowardly. Additionally, if I have not done anything to ever harm you, then (in fact) whatever you “hate” me about is probably none of your business. 

3.) Seriously, get a new hobby instead of filling up my box with hate. At the end of the day, I won’t pass another thought on this comment. So, get over it and move on. Otherwise, I’ll be turning off anonymous messaging completely and you will have no further way to contact me.  


I get really pissed off when people think Zayn isn’t the hottest member of One Direction like why are people taste so bad? Why would you pick the frog prince Harry? Why do you think that blonde hobbit is cute? You could swap Liam with an Enchilada and it would take 45 minutes to notice, and whats that others ones name?